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A National and International Benchmark in Quality and Competitiveness

We are the largest Portuguese Association of Pig Producers

A group of producers realized that they needed to join forces in order to face a future that, even then, was already looking very demanding.
Thus, in 1994, AGRUPALTO was created as the largest grouping of producers in Portugal.
Growing steadily, it has gained a foothold in the agricultural sector and is now a national benchmark, both in commercial and production terms.

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Because unity is the basis of development, get to know our groupings.

  • Quinta da Atela, Lda.

    Known for its wines, Quinta da Atela also has an agricultural side. With the acquisition of Quinta de Vale de Ventos, Turquel, Quinta da Atela now produces pigs.

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  • Agropefe, Agropecuária Ferreirense, SA

    Located in Águas Belas, in Ferreira do Zêzere, it began its activity in 1976. Its main activity is the production of pigs, goats and cattle.

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  • Viveiro da Ajuda, Sociedade Agro-Pecuária Lda

    Located in Vendas Novas, in the municipality of Évora, Herdade Viveiro da Ajuda's main activity is pig farming.

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  • Inter Suínos, Suínos de Portugal

    Acquired for around 50% by Agropecuária Euroeste, which is part of Valgrupo, Intersuinos - Suínos de Portugal operates in pig production and holds control of the company Intersuinos Transportes, which is dedicated to the transportation of pigs and feed.

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  • Raçalto, Produção Animal e Rações

    Headquartered in Samora Correia, Raçalto's main activities are pig breeding, which is part of Valpor, and the production of compound animal feed, which is part of Valnutri.

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  • Suinvest, Unipessoal Lda

    Located in Rio Maior, more specifically in Ribeira de São João, Suinvest produces and sells animal products, food products and buys and sells feed.

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  • Eureste, SA

    Having started its activity in the agricultural production sector in 1986, Euroeste has been extremely dynamic, achieving strong growth year after year.

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  • Sapeal - Sociedade Agro-Pecuaria De Antã, S.A.

    Located in Santa Comba Dão, Viseu, Sapeal is another of the companies involved in the Valpor brand, which is dedicated to animal production.

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  • Sociedade Agro-Pecuária Xerês Lda.

    The company is a family business that is mainly dedicated to pig production and, as a secondary aspect, cattle production.

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  • Hermínio Minderico, Sociedade agro-pecuária

    Created on October 5, 1988, it was born as a result of the commercial activity of its founder Hermínio Minderico.

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  • Sirculo, Agropecuária

    Belonging to C.A.S. - Barrocas - Sociedade Agrícola, S.A., Sirculo's main activity is animal production.

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