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Hermínio Minderico, Sociedade agro-pecuária

Created on October 5, 1988, it was born as a result of the commercial activity of its founder Hermínio Minderico.

Despite having an important forage and forest area, it is in the agricultural sector that it has invested heavily, increasingly and sustainably, over the course of its almost 35-year history. In terms of agriculture, it is almost exclusively dedicated to growing cereals, with grain corn being the main crop, taking advantage of the great potential of the fertile land in Campo da Golegã, where its main irrigated plots are located.

Pig farming is the main business area, having always opted for the intensive closed-cycle production system, with significant investments in the environmental and renewable energy sectors, the only way to maintain the sustainability of its commercial activity over the years. It also has an extensive herd of purebred Alentejano cattle, which completes the framework of its farm, which aims to be an example of success and social responsibility for the municipality of Golegã.