A group of pork producers understood that it was needed to combine efforts to face a future which at the time was already foreseen as very demanding.

And so, in 1994 AGRUPALTO is born as the largest group of pork producers in Portugal.

The recognition title as a Producers Organisation was given when we had in our group 28 associates with 8.000 reproductive pigs.

AGRUPALTO has grown in a sustained manner, has gained its space in the agricultural sector and is today a national reference, both in commercial and productive terms.

We were the first company to export pork meat to China, undoubtedly the main milestone in our history and also in the history of agriculture in Portugal.

The future is not foreseen, it is prepared.
The producers organisation intends to continue elevating the AGRUPALTO brand, keeping as a reference of quality and competitiveness in Portugal.

Our great objective is to lead the agricultural sector not only commercially but also in the technical department, developing the professionalization and the technical management of our explorations.

To standardize production, methods and procedures as well as investing in specialised staff training which will offer better profitabilitiy to our members and a better product to our clients.

AGRUPALTO works always side by side with the public administration, contributing as best as we can to the growth of the agricultural sector of our country.
Dimension is preponderant for the agricultural business at the European level.

Meet the dimension by the company's union as a reference in the sector, reuniting the right partners to become competitive in Europe and in the World.

Produce, buy and sell at the best price allows us to grow sustainabely, to monetise the costs and maximize the income of our associates.

To elevate the company's positioning in the market and innovating when it comes to production, keeping the trust of our clients for our ability to respond and the guarantee of a product which will satisfy their needs.
The base which allows all development.

Attentive to the risks and opportunities of the market, ensuring continuity and growth.

The strength which allows the indispensable critical mass to better production and trading performance.

Professionalism and Innovation
Manage and handle information and better methods which are indispensable to modern production.

Theoretical and practical technical training adjusted to become responsible for an agricultural production in all its strands.